The governance structure of HLSS comprises of the Annual General Assembly (AGA), the Board of Directors (BoD) and the Executive Committee. The AGA is the highest governing body. It is held once a year by all members who subscribe to the constitution of HLSS. The AGA is headed by an elected Chairperson.

The Assembly approves policy reviews and constitutional amendments, elects or dismisses the Chairperson of BoD and oversees the overall operations of the organisation. Our BoD is composed of seven volunteers, elected or appointed by HLSS subscribers during the AGA. The BoD provides oversight function in management and policy matters.

Executive Committee is a five member operations management team, headed by the Chief Executive Director (CED) and four of his appointees including operations Manager, Finance and Administration Manager, Procurement Supply Manager (PSM) and a Quality Assurance and Best practices Manager.

The team oversees the daily running of the organization, directs activities and makes decisions on behalf of HLSS inter alia. Our key personnel are highly qualified, seasoned, extremely respectable professionals with proven and reputable track record of work in South Sudan.

They present a capsule of expertise from various disciplines of work ranging from public health, economics, infectious disease, disaster management, peace building and post conflict recovery, International relations and diplomacy, community development, health communications and media management as well as finance and human resource management.

HLSS is an NNGO that boosts staff of such variety of personnel skills, experiences and knowledge of the entire country. HLSS also boosts huge experience of managing grants ranging from Global Funds, Multi-Donor Trust Funds (MDTF), Common Humanitarian Funds (CHF) Health Pool Fund (HPF) and several other funding streams.